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But what is Fodeld?

Fodeld (an acronym for "Food delivery drone") is a specialized unmanned aerial vehicle aimed to serve the demand of food for people staying at home. In the current days, people are encouraged to stay home. But deliverypersons are prone to COVID-19 and we want to minimize that risk. So we want a solution to solve the problems as follow:

  1. Reduce the risk of infection on deliverypersons
  2. Develop the speed of food delivery process
  3. Encourage people to stay at home

Fodeld is a product that solves the specified problems. By using an unmanned aerial vehicle, delivery could be done faster, there is no need for deliverypersons to go out, and everyone can stay home with a better access to basic needs.

In the worst case of COVID-19, there may be an emergency full lockdown. If successfully built, Fodeld might be handy for that situation. This would be an extra purpose as a preparation to the worst case in some area.

How does it work?


Businesses can join with Fodeld as another e-commerce platform. Stores and restaurants can publish catalogs and receive orders real-time. Customers can browse the website as a normal online store website. When an order is placed, and the business provider confirmed the order, a fodeld will automatically fly from its base to the position of the business. The fodeld will receive the product and deliver it to the customer. And it will come back to its base. The current prototype plan only support one customer and one business per order.


The Fodeld (drone) features a high-capacity battery for long usage, and also high weight limit to allow most orders to be delivered. It is composed of body parts (i.e. main body, rotors, motors, locking component, power source, camera, etc.) and a container box (attached to the locking component, under the main body). You can try attaching the container box to the body by clicking the button below. The attached box will be locked by two locking components in opposite sides (colored red).


There are still limitations according to current technology. But these limitations does not imply failure of Fodeld. Fodeld is still possible to be built, the limitations are just specs that are possible to be improved for better use. Following will be a compiled list of possible limitations

Features to be implemented